Are You Feeling The Bern, Or Are You With Her?

Okay, so…there’s some good news and some bad news.

The bad news? My podcasts haven’t been working out too well. They haven’t been generating the intended volume of discussion, and I’ve received feedback that it’s just tough to get through a long, scripted, single-voiced podcast, which I can understand.

The good news? This site is all about coming in with preconceived ideas, but being open to changing one’s mind based on feedback and new information. So I’m heeding my own advice and changing things up.

Rather than the long, overly wordy posts, I’m going to keep these short and to the point, and they will ideally propose more questions than answers. While I’m eager to get my own thoughts and opinions out there, this isn’t about me. I certainly don’t want anyone to stay away because they’re turned off by an approach they perceive as egocentric – I really do just want to foster intelligent and respectful conversation that leads somewhere. That is my sole aim, and I’m willing to alter the structure of this project with that in mind.

With that said, I’m going to jump right in, use my words sparingly, and turn it over to the community.

For now, since most of my current subscribers are liberals, I’m opening up the floor to discuss the subject of Bernie v. Hillary (a post discussing the pros(?) and cons of the Republican candidates may follow later). Depending on who you talk to, the race for the Democratic nomination may or may not already be over. But even if you do believe that Hillary already has it in the bag, there’s plenty to be discussed with regard to party unity, ideas versus substance, experience versus judgment, the validity of slanderous, right-wing talking points, and so on. Anyway, I’m sure all of us have plenty to say on the subject, so I’m hopeful that this will produce a healthy dialogue.

Rather than start by talking about what side I’m on and why, I’m going to let you, my fellow Evolutionists, have the first word. Tell us where you’re at, and how you arrived at your conclusions. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with a little vulnerability. Tell us what worries you about your preferred candidate, and what you like about the other. What doubts do you have? What concerns you, what drives you, what inspires you? If citing facts (which are always nice), include links to your sources, and try to make sure those sources aren’t biased.

And, because this conversation might get heated (just wait until we get to the General Election), please remember to be calm, respectful and measured in your responses to others. We are all here to learn from one another, not to attack or defend our position without mercy.

Okay. GO.

Join the conversation here.