The mission of Start the Evolution is four-fold:


Great things can be accomplished through open and honest conversation. That includes attentive listening and the willingness to consider opposing viewpoints. If you are coming into a discussion purely with the desire to win your argument and prove someone else wrong, you are entering from the wrong angle. Debate is not a sporting event.

This is about freeing ourselves from our innate desire to be proven right, rather than to seek the truth. Come here to engage in the free, non-judgmental sharing of experiences and ideas, and be open to having your own mind changed on occasion.

This doesn’t mean you can’t come in with strong positions, or that you shouldn’t attempt to defend them (preferably with evidentiary backup). But always remember that the key here is to learn how to talk to one another—without automatically resorting to insult.


Through conversation, we will educate ourselves. We may learn valuable information we did not have previously that reshapes our understanding of the world. We will have the opportunity to rid ourselves of our unsubstantiated biases, and form a clearer and more accurate picture of the way things really are.

In areas where we feel knowledgeable, we may also educate others. By backing up points with links to valid websites, references to other vetted materials, or personal life stories, we can help open the eyes of those who may have more limited knowledge or experience in given areas.

Remember that it is not about showing anyone up, or proving that you have a superior intellect. It is about widening and advancing our collective intelligence.


As we become more educated on certain topics, and hopefully form a consensus on various problems affecting our society, my hope is that our community will be able to pool together our formidable brain power to arrive at some truly inventive and innovative solutions.

Whether in the form of taking physical action, starting a campaign on social media, or anything else we can’t yet fathom, there are ideas out there in the cosmos that are ripe to be plucked. All we have to do is think of them.


Once an idea has been submitted and subsequently approved by a 75% majority of the community (determined via web poll), we will take action.

We can’t yet know what form that action will take, or what it might accomplish. But that’s what makes it so damn exciting.

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