Welcome to Start the Evolution.

I will frequently be adding new posts to this site. Topics range from education to religion to human rights to the political process. These posts are intended to generate conversation, which will hopefully turn into real solutions to the problems facing us.

I encourage you to be not just an observer. Lend your voice to the conversation. Real change will require all hands being on deck.

#7: Gender Loving Care
(On HB2, gender identity and sexual orientation)

#6: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
(On planning to vote in the general election as a pragmatist v. an idealist)

#5: Broken News
(On a news media lacking in integrity and veracity)

#4: Men Are from Earth, Women Are from Earth
(On feminism)

#3: Are You Feeling the Bern, Or Are You With Her?
(On Bernie v. Hillary)

#2: Let’s Get Political
(On socialism, capitalism, and the space in-between)

#1: Lips Together, Ears Apart
(On our need to come together, and to listen at least as much as we speak)

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